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White Dog Farm
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Where people and animals join together.
"As well as learning the sport of horseback riding, I want to help riders develop a life-long respect for
  horses...and all animals."   --Anna Hyde
Meet Our Founder and Team Leader
Anna Hyde, proprietor of White Dog Farm, dreamed of horses from an early age.
She remembers the excitement of getting her first horse and has always wanted to share that excitement with others.  Shortly after graduating from high school, Anna directed a riding program and quickly realized that working with horses would be her life's work, her way of keeping alive the excitement she knew as a child. 
In 1979, she earned an Associate Instructor's Degree from Cherry Meadow Farm, through Hofstra University.  For the next 20 years, Anna has continued her work with horses as well as with other animals.  Her continued education in veterinary after-care has given her valuable experience in handling different types of horses.  During this time, she incorporated many skills, including grooming show horses. Fox Hunting, Steeplechasing, as well as caring for and maintaining polo ponies.

White Dog Farm is the result of Anna's dreams and experiences.
As with most people in today's world, horses have skills developed through career experience.  Several equines originally trained in other areas now find a new career opportunity at WDF.  Combining the talents of both her human and equine instructors is at the core of Anna's mission and has become an integral part of the overall "WDF Experience." 

"We never started out to become stewards of experienced horses.  However, finding so many horses that needed a good home over the last few years, we have seen the benefits that these intelligent and loving animals have brought to our students.  One of the major benefits of using experienced horses is safety, an issue that all parents are concerned about.  The philosophy behind the development of our programs is to provide safe as well as meaningful experiences for our students, tools they can use throughout life, not just on the back of a horse"
                                                                    Anna Hyde, July,2009


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